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Septic Installation & Repair

Vita Septic is the only professional you will require for total installation, repair, and upkeep of your septic system.

We have been creating and setting up septic systems nationwide since 1961.

Call us now to make an appointment:  (855) 851-4012

We have the equipment and proficiency needed to troubleshoot your system and help you with essential repairs. We can change the baffles in your tank, replace malfunctioning piping, change your circulation box, replace your septic tank, change the wastewater plumbing in your basement, repair work for your leach system, install a brand-new leach field and system, or set up a completely new septic system at your house. No task is too little or too large for Vita Septic.

pic of septic tank installation

Every installation or repair project starts with a precise assessment of the issue. You can trust us to get to the bottom of the problem and develop the best option.

We have over half a century’s worth of experience examining septic systems in all different ground conditions. We can work with your local authority to arrive at the best, most budget-friendly repair choice for your individual circumstance.

We use just the very best products in the industry. We can get your system working once again with specialist installation of septic tanks, pumping stations, circulation boxes, drop boxes, standard traditional leach lines, stone location beds, dry wells, modified raised fill leach fields, shallow trench systems, mounds, complete raised sand leach beds, or other kind of septic system.

When the installation is complete, and the work has been examined, we will backfill the area to a rough machine grade. If you would like us to return after the ground has settled we can offer a surface grade with a bobcat skid steer and other appropriate machinery.

Call us now to make an appointment:  (855) 851-4012

We operate nationwide. Check some our state locations:

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Septic Emergency Response Team – Same Day Emergency Service

You Have Questions, We Have Answers! Call Now – (855) 851-4012 

Vita Septic is the first and ONLY company to specialize in Emergency Septic Service. Call us to see what sets us apart and why you want ONLY Vita Septic when you have a septic emergency! You can always count on us to provide the best price and service for Metro Atlanta Septic Service.

There is a time and place for learning how to do something yourself. While we applaud the homeowner that wants to become more educated about their system, performing septic repairs is something ABSOLUTELY best left to the experts! Trust Vita Septic for septic tank repairs in throughout the state of Georgia and beyond. (We operate nationwide!)

septic tank pumping

When its time to have your septic tank pumped, we provide expert pumping & cleaning services. We own and operate the one-of-its-kind Suck Truck: Part vacuum truck, part emergency equipment. There’s only one option for Septic Tank Pumping: Call us today and experience the high quality Vita Septic service!

Call (855) 851-4012 for all septic services

I found Vita Septic to be experts on drain field remediation, which was what I was specifically looking for to avoid a costly full drain filed replacement. Also found Vita Septic to be very honest which was what I was careful about.
James Walsh


When my septic alarm went off, based on very positive reviews here I gave Vita Septic a call and scheduled an 8-9 AM service the next day. Brian and his partner were here right on time.
Janine Kelly


I didn’t even know I had a septic tank before the toilets stopped working. The realtor told me that I was on sewer, and my home inspector didn’t mention anything about it. I bought the house as a foreclosure two years ago. Tried flushing the toilet upstairs, but it wouldn’t really empty. Vita Septic fixed my problem!
Martin T


I had my septic tank pumped SIX TIMES IN ONE YEAR before I finally wised up and called someone who could fix the problem! All anyone ever tells you is that you need to pump your septic tank. They don’t take the time to explain how the different pieces work together. The guys at Vita really helped me out.
Sarah Potter

Los Angeles, CA | Miami, FL | Norfolk, VA | Lexington, KYGlendale, AZ 

For all septic services, call us today on (855) 851-4012 

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How To Avoid Unnecesarry Costs With Septic Systems

Problem: Gurgling noises and/or slow draining fixtures, or waste water backing into house

Check traps in sinks, showers, and tubs for clogs – try cleaning first (drano/snake/etc)

Check septic tank water levels:
1. Locate tank from health dept. as-built records – most are online.
2. Uncover entire top of septic tank.
3. Remove baffle & pumping lids.
4. Observe water level in tank- normal is generally 12″ down from lid. If flooded to top of tank – crossover and/or outlet baffle may be clogged, clear with a stick.

If baffle is clear and the tank is still flooded – may be an outlet pipe or drain field problem.  Now give us a call on (855) 851-4012.

If water level in the tank is normal: problem could be inlet baffle in septic tank- clear with a stick. If still having problems, could be tightline from house to septic tank is clogged/broken. Try snakeout line or call Vita Septic today: (855) 851-4012.

*Note: Septic tanks that have not been maintained properly will have large scum/ sludge layers that may be causing this problem. When observing levels in the septic tank, if there is a large solid layer on top, measure solids level with a stick- normal levels should be 6-8″, if greater pumping is necessary.

Call Vita Septic today, your local qualified pumper: (855) 851-4012.

Surfacing or flooded drainfield problems:

Observance of surfacing sewage or very soggy areas over the drainfield area are obvious signs of a drainfield problem that need to be immediately remedied:
1. Drastically reduce your water usage.
2. Check for plumbing leaks in the house.  How? Check your water meter.
3. Shut off or repair fixtures asap.

*Note: Resting a flooded drainfield that has been severely overloaded may remedied this situation and save you thousands of dollars.
If reducing your water usage does not remedy the situation, it’s time to call a professional. Call us today: (855) 851-4012.

Call us today, we operate nationwide and locally!

Don’t Pay Somebody to Turn you in to the Health Department!

Recently local health departments have instigated a snitch law requiring pumpers and O&M specialists to notify them if they see any problems or potential problems.  Some in the industry are using this to fleece the public by exaggerating deficiencies and notifying the health department that there is a problem.  They are creating huge costs for repairs & diagnosis that may be unnecessary.  The sad part to you is that you are paying the notification fee to get yourself turned in! Vita Septic will not charge you to look at your tank, and we believe your problem is between us to resolve, before it gets complicated with governmental intervention.  Even if we can’t help you, we can refer you to someone who can and shares our intentions to help you in this manner.

Contact us today for a free consultation! (855) 851-4012.



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