Maile’s vintage Magic Chef stove, “Miss Lucille” takes her rightful place in the kitchen

vintage kitchen stoveRemember how Maile transformed her dark 70s kitchen into a bright, sunny 1940s delight? When we first featured this story, the kitchen was nearly complete, save the final pièce de résistance — her waiting-to-be-restored-and-converted-to-propane 1948 Magic Chef Stove. We finally received word that the stove — which Maile has affectionately named “Miss Lucille” — has taken its rightful place in her sunny vintage kitchen.  vintage kitchen stove Maile writes:

Miss Lucille….my 1948 Magic Chef Stove is installed in my kitchen. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to cook with gas again!  It’s like all the pieces came together for this. She was named Miss Lucille after my dear aunt who was an exceptional, contest winning, published, ‘oh yeah, James Beard called me for a recipe’ kinda cook.

I send a big, huge, humongus ‘thank you’ to Rex at Homestead Vintage Stove Company, dealers in antique stoves. He did a wonderful job retrofitting her from natural gas to propane, and she cooks like a dream.


Maile’s old stove, a placeholder for Miss Lucille.

vintage kitchen stoveMaile, the stove looks fantastic in your kitchen. I’m sure it was worth the long wait to be able to cook with gas on “Miss Lucille” every day!

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